Cellulite Reduction Tips

How To Make Coconut Oil Remedy to Get Rid of Cellulite

Natural DIY treatments are becoming more popular to take good care of your skin. Check out how you can make a coconut oil mixture to put an end to your cellulite in a really short time.

island fresh coconut oil for cellulite

Summertime is the nightmare of many women all around the world.

That time of the year where fashionistas and the weather are telling us to wear shorter clothes. Worrying about cellulite makes this even harder than it already is.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You do not even need to sign up for a gym membership or buy dozens of expensive products. You can treat your cellulite at your own house with organic coconut oil and just a couple of common ingredients.

The Magic of Coconut Oil

I remember when I first heard about using coconut oil. It was a really weird idea for me. I won’t even consider to use it for cooking as I was picturing the taste of coconut in all my dishes.

After doing a little more research I was amazed to find about all the health benefits that coconut oil has to offer to your body. I was still skeptical, I won’t lie to you.

Two weeks later I decided that I would never go back.

Of course, it is a little bit more expensive than using olive oil as I was used to but it is worth the extra bucks! I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling with my health and the best part:

I had not changed my diet at all.

I was enjoying the same meals but they were equally delicious and way healthier.

Then I read that you can use coconut oil for a lot of different things. It is the perfect ingredient for skin-care treatments you can make at home that really work.

I tried a couple of different combinations and I was getting some results but the truth is that I wanted even faster progress. That is why I kept looking for more.

A few weeks later I found the recipe for the perfect body scrub. One that anyone can do themselves at home. And today, I’m going to share that recipe with you.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin Care

This is a recipe that combines two of the things that I love the most when it comes to homemade remedies: using 100% natural products and soothing and delicious smell.

Here is the list of ingredients you need for this cellulite buster recipe:

As you probably have guessed, this recipe will give you, as a result, an amazing body scrub. You are going to mix in a bowl 1/2 cup of coffee grounds, 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 1 tbsp of cinnamon and 1/2 cup of brown sugar.

Make sure of mix everything together until you get a consistency of wet sand.

These amounts of ingredients are enough for a week or even 10 days of treatment. Just grab a handful and rub it on your legs, butt or even your face and massage for 30 seconds in a circular motion.

I like to keep it in the fridge so it lasts longer and for me, it is just delicious to feel the scrub right after a warm shower at night. But notice that none of these ingredients require refrigeration in order to stay fresh so you can leave it out if you prefer it that way.

I hope you can enjoy the benefits of this coconut oil as much as I have. I wish you the best of luck and send you a big hug!

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Products That Work

5 Excellent Cellulite Reduction Products

NO MORE CELLULITE!Hi! Welcome to Cellulite Cure Treatment. My name is Kacie.

Did you know that more than 80% of women around the world suffer from cellulite? This is why I decided to create a site to help others to find the perfect cellulite reduction product for them. You deserve a smooth and perfect pair of legs.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of different anti-cellulite products on the market and it might be difficult to choose the right one.

That is why I will be submitting reviews of the most popular products designed to fight cellulite.

My hope is to help you choose a remedy that gives you the results you want.

Feel free to browse around the site.

You will find plenty of information on effective anti-cellulite treatments, body brushes, activewear for women, body cups, massage oils & lotions and more. Plus, you can use my basic and concise guide for cellulite removal.

Top 5 Cellulite Remedies

If you are sick of dealing with your cellulite but you have not started any kind of treatment yet, I suggest you take a look at my personal list of favorite products.

Nowadays there are too many ways to deal with this problem. You can Google out the term ‘cellulite remedies’ and become overwhelmed by the huge amount of products available.

Choosing the right cellulite treatment products can be a little challenging. Check out my list of top 5 anti-cellulite products that work to get started.

1. Silicone Body Cups

vacuum suction cupsBody cupping therapy has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. It is like having a professional spa gear in the comfort of your home.

The Kestie Anticellulite Vacuum Suction Cups are my personal favorites. The cups are soft and actually fun to use. They are super simple to use and help you to improve circulation, relax your muscles and remove toxins.

2. Anti-Cellulite Shorts

celluilte removal shortsOne of the worst things about cellulite is that it strikes you right in the self-esteem. Many women avoid going to the gym because they don’t want to be seen with this skin issue.

There is one way to hide your cellulite and get rid of it at the same time. Delfin Spa Women’s Exercise Shorts are made of neoprene, a technology that burns fat just by wearing them. It is an amazing way to boost the results of your training exercises while you cover up your cellulite problem.

3. Coffee Body Scrub

arabica coffee body scrubA 100% natural body scrub made from coconut oil, Shea butter, coffee grains and dead sea salt made to protect your skin and promote rejuvenation. You can’t go wrong with the Arabica Coffee Scrub in your skincare routine.

What I like the most about this coffee scrub is that it is not only good for getting rid of cellulite. It is also really good for treating acne, detox your skin, remove blackheads, age spots, and stretch marks. Plus, it has a delicious scent and leaves a smooth sensation on your skin immediately.

4. Body Brush

minamul celluilte dry brushI can’t stress enough on how important is for you to start dry brushing right now. It takes you only five minutes of your day and the benefits you get will last for many years. Improving circulation and relaxing your muscles will result in a direct reduction of aging signs and cellulite.

I suggest you to start with the Minamul Luxurious All Natural Dry Body Brushing as it is just perfect for a nice pre-shower routine. It comes in an elegant kit that includes face and body brushes, a detachable handle to scrub your back without hassle, a loofah back scrubber, and a konjac sponge.

5. Massage Oil

majestic pure oilMassaging oil is really important to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. My favorite oils are the ones that do not leave a greasy sensation on your hands and legs and that is why I recommend the Majestic Pure Anti-Cellulite Oil for your anti-aging treatment.

I like to use this essential oil after a day of a workout as it is helpful to soothe sore muscles while reducing the appearance of cellulite. The essential oils are easily absorbed by your body as it improves elasticity to firm and tones your skin.

Some things to consider to remove your cellulite…

In order to improve the results of your treatment, there are three factors that you need to consider if you want to get the fastest possible results.

  1. Keep an eye on the causes. Find out which factors are causing the cellulite to appear on your legs or things. After you locate them and remove them, your recovery process will be a lot faster.
  2. A routine is essential. None of the listed products is going to work if you use them only once or twice a week. You need to be constant with your skin care treatment. I suggest you do them at the same hour every day. This is going to help you create a habit for long-lasting results.
  3. Don’t overload your skin. When using any kind of lotions, scrubs, creams or oils. I do not suggest you use more than three cellulite-care treatments at the same time. This may lead to counter-productive effects on your skin. Besides, in case one of the products just does not work for you, it will be easier to identify and replace.
  4. A healthy diet is always a plus. It is not 100% essential to change your eating habits in order to get rid of your cellulite. However, I suggest you replace your daily meals for more nutritive alternatives. For example, you can change a bag of chips for sunflower seeds or a slice of cake for fruit and yogurt.

As I mentioned earlier, these four extra tips are not key elements of your skin care routine but they do help a lot if you want to get fast results and healthy skin. I invite you to also take a look at my How-to Guides and Articles as they have pretty good tips to help fighting cellulite away.

Products That Work

How To Use A Foam Roller To Destroy Cellulite

Imagine having access to massages and physical therapy anytime you want. It is possible thanks to the foam roller for cellulite prevention.

It is perfect to release muscle tension, increase flexibility and help with muscle recovery and rehabilitation.

cellulite massage roller

The regular use of foam rollers for training was not that popular until a couple of years ago.

Someone decided to change the flat dull design of foam rollers to give them texture and stimulate pressure points on the body.

It was first used for muscle recovery in physical therapy sessions and soon after it was released to the public so anyone could enjoy its benefits.

The thing I like the most is that you do not have to be a fitness expert in order to enjoy all its benefits.

Your foam roller is perfect to be used in sports, gym routines, yoga, Pilates and even CrossFit.

What Foam Roller Do You Recommend for Cellulite Treatments?

My favorite one is the RumbleRoller Deep Tissue Massager. It is made from 100% EVA materials which are way better than the cheap silicone ones. It also has two different types of texture:

  • The Palm Pressure Points.
  • The Thumb Pressure Points.

It is a versatile model that can be used in many different things and not only for cellulite reduction treatments. Here you can take a look at a simple foam roller routine that is going to help you to get that smooth pair of legs you deserve:

Remember that this foam roller routine for cellulite on legs and buttocks is also amazing as a muscle relaxation therapy. It will take only five short minutes of your day to start enjoying this relaxing massage.

Also, as you can see from the video, the instructor is using a regular foam roller without hand pressure texture.

You can go for the model that makes you feel more comfortable with.

Some women have troubles, in the beginning, to get used of the pressure points texture of this foam roller but after a couple of days, they just fall in love with it.

It is a personal massager that you can easily store in your closet, under your bed and even travel with it with no hassle.

It includes a carry bag in case you want to take it to your gym and enjoy your relaxing muscle massage right after you finish your fitness or yoga routine.

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Products That Work

Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Treatment at Home Review

The Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Treatment can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite in less than two weeks without having to leave the comfort of your house.


You might be asking right now: What is the Ionithermie treatment about?

It is a 24-day anti-cellulite treatment that includes everything you need to get the smooth and beautiful pair of legs you deserve.

In case you don’t already have a skin care routine then this bundle is perfect for you as it includes 4 different products scientifically prepared for the optimal care of your skin.

This cellulite removal bundle includes:

  • Tonic Silhouette
  • Ampoules A+B
  • Pro-Metasysteme
  • Lait Pour le Corps

The combination of these four different creams, ampoules and lotions are what makes the Ionithermie body treatment so effective. You will start noticing results after the first 12 days of using this product. However, you can continue using them to improve even more the appearance of your skin.

How does the Ionithermie Treatment work?

As I mentioned before, this is one of the simplest treatments to follow, the best part is that you do not have to use any additional product as everything you need is included in the bundle. You can complete your skin care routine in only 4 easy steps:

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Skin

This is also the first step in any skin care routine that works. It is important to cleanse your skin from dirt and impurities.

The Tonic Silhouette will help you here as you massage your skin you will also stimulate circulation and soothe your skin to optimize the action of the other products.

Step 2 – Disperse Toxins

Now that your skin is clean on the outside, it is time to clean it from the inside with the Ampoules A+B formula.

This emulsifies fatty deposits and increases blood circulation to eliminate toxins and get rid of the cottage cheese skin appearance.

Step 3 – Moisturize

The Pro-Metasysteme active ingredients are perfect for slimming, firming and moisturizing.

It uses algae, almond oil, seaweed extract, guarana and lemon as slimming aid to strengthen the effect of the other products on this treatment.

Step 4 – Lasting Effect

The Lait Pour le Corps is made with light body milk to soothe your skin with avocado oil.

Using this product at the end of your treatment will help you keep your skin conditioned and hydrated for the rest of the day.

Women who have had success using the Ionithermie Treatment for Cellulite Reduction prefer to complete their treatment at night right before going to bed.

Keeping your skin away from the sun rays and dirt is extremely beneficial if you want to see quicker results.

Remember to combine this treatment with a balanced diet low in carbs and fats and regular exercise to improve even more the appearance of your skin.

Feel free to check out some easy 5-minute routines for cellulite here on this website.

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Anti-Cellulite Clothes

How to Hide Cellulite on Thighs In Shorts

Learn this easy trick to hide cellulite on thighs while wearing shorts. This is a perfect tip to use when going out on hot days or also during a gym workout session.

shorts hide cellulite caffeine

Cellulite has become an increasing concern among women in our modern society.

It is true that more than 80% of women around the world have to deal with this problem but it is still seen as part of social stigma.

You do not get to see famous actresses on TV or movies showing legs or thighs with cellulite.

Some of them have this problem in real life but they use makeup and special effects to hide it.

Today you are going to discover how to hide cellulite when wearing shorts in the most simple and fast way.

You will be able to go anywhere you want to while feeling confident and forgetting about your cellulite issue.

Tips to Hide Cellulite On Thighs In 30 Seconds

I am going to share with you the two most popular methods that work to hide cellulite on your legs. You are free to decide whichever fits the best to your lifestyle.

The main key on how to hide cellulite in shorts is by wearing these anti-cellulite shorts with caffeine microcapsules for women.

It is more than a simple piece of clothing. It has been scientifically designed to diminish the appearance of cellulite just by putting them on.

This new model of shorts to hide cellulite is made to improve your silhouette immediately with their a reducing and slimming effect for thighs, buttocks, and waist.

I suggest you pick these shorts when working out so you can get anti-cellulite results even faster. Also, it is perfect to wear underneath your clothes if you want to.

These caffeine enhanced cellulite shorts will allow you to combine 3 anti-cellulite treatments at the same time:

  1. Wearing anti-cellulite clothing.
  2. Caffeine body massage.
  3. Cellulite reduction workout.Check it out button

skinnies instant cellulite hide thighsNow here is the second method to hide your cellulite while wearing any other kind of shorts or even a skirt.

It is a pair of compression socks called Skinnies. They are clear adhesive strips to instantly lift and smooth cellulite out.

This is the perfect way to hide your cellulite discreetly under any kind of clothes as they are comfortable to wear during all day.

Some ladies may think that these Skinnies are a little bit overpriced but sometimes it is worth it to get the instant cellulite remedy.

I do not usually promote this kind of product on the blog as it is not a permanent solution to get rid of cellulite. But it is still a powerful tool in case of an emergency.

You can also get a huge confidence boost by looking at your real legs free of cellulite for once.

It is really powerful to visualize the results that you want to see in your body.

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Cellulite Exercises

How To Remove Cellulite for Thighs And Buttocks Quick

Did you know there is a new method for quick cellulite removal for thighs and buttocks?

This revolutionary method is so effective that you can forget that you ever had to deal with the infamous “cottage cheese legs” in your life.

ali kerr cellulite routine

You might have read online that one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite is to try out some intense workout routines. Cardio exercises are particularly recommended by many experts.

The problem is that a lot of women who are sick of living with cellulite go to the gym for weeks and even months without seeing some real results.

This ends up being a really frustrating experience as they are investing time and money that is just not fixing the skin problem that they have on their legs.

Now there is a new quick anti cellulite method that is gaining popularity. It is a set of scientifically designed cellulite reduction exercises.

You can do it in your own place and they will take less than 20 minutes of your day.

How Can I Trust This Anti-Cellulite Routine?

I understand that you might feel this way when hearing about a new treatment. You have probably tried some in the past with no results or you are new in the fitness world and you do not feel experienced enough.

As I mentioned before, this method is not going to take too long. The best part is that this set of exercises can be completed by any women of any age or physical condition.

Have you heard of Ali Kerr? She is a women’s fitness expert who has specialized in firming women’s trouble spots.

She has worked for many years helping other women with their body issues to give them a healthier lifestyle.

Ali Kerr has launched this quick workout program to get rid of your cellulite in only 14 days or less.

She has done her research to build a workout plan that works for any women in the world. No matter how old or how out of shape they are.

For a limited time, you can gain premium pre-sale access to this program where you can get it for only $15 dollars. That is less than you would be paying for one month of a gym membership.

The best part is that you do not need to buy any equipment. By placing your order today you will also get 2 special gifts to enhance your results.

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