4 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Anti Cellulite Workout

Today we will talk about common habits that might be ruining your progress in your anti-cellulite workout routine.


You might be sabotaging your progress without noticing it. It is important that you pay attention to all these details if you want to get real results.

You know that a good workout is always a big help to transform your body shape.

Choosing the right routine for your legs can help you to move that cellulite away while getting fresher and younger legs at the same time.

It is really frustrating when you spend two entire months working out every single day without seeing any real progress.

This is a big hit to your motivation to go on with your anti-cellulite treatment. However, this might be because you are doing something wrong.

You need to pay really close attention to these little details to find out if you are ruining your training unconsciously.

Here are 4 sneaky habits that might be messing with the results of your workout.

1. Too Much Lifting In Your Routine

You need to understand that body fat ration and body weight are two completely different things. As you are working out, your body might be creating new muscle before burning out the fat first.

This depends on your body type and also the kind of exercises that you have in your routine. If this is the case, you are indeed making progress but the change will be shown later.

It is always good to include a few minutes of cardio to your workout routine. Keep it mixed so you can start seeing results you want fast.

2. Choosing Energetic Drinks Over Water

Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against power drinks. They became my biggest friends during tests weeks in my time as a student.

They surely give you that boost of energy that you need.

However, the problem with this kind of beverages is that they are filled with calories that you will not need.

It doesn’t matter if they help you to work out a little bit longer, you will not be able to get rid of all those calories in a single workout.

Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking water during your training. In case you start to feel tired just take a small break and then go on.

Your body will get used to the exercise and gain more endurance over time.

3. Smoking

This is by far the most damaging habit that you can pick. It just causes problems with your skin, shrinks your blood vessels causing severe cellulite problems and ruins your breathing.

The flow of oxygen is crucial in any kind of physical activity.

Some people have the mentality of justifying a bad habit thinking that they can compensate it with a good one.

“I went to the gym today, that means I can get a cake for dinner”, that is not how it works. You need to commit yourself to the change you want to see in the future to get the results you want.

4. Checking Out the Scale Every Day

It is a habit that most women who have a fitness routine develop unconsciously.

They make it a real part of their daily routine. To check out their weight first thing in the morning or right after working out.

This can be a really big motivation-killer for you.

Your body changes weight during the day by many factors such as the clothes you are wearing, your water retention, the food that your body is still processing. You will never see real results if you check so often.

The best way to check your progress is to draw a chart or take notes on your phone or a notebook.

Set the dates fifteen or twenty days apart from each other. This will help you to see some real results faster.

bioflex sweat training clothesBonus Tip: Dress for Success

I have already covered some of the bad habits that might be messing with your workout routine.

Most of the times the only thing you need to do to fix them is to realize that you are doing them.

Now here is a little trick that is going to help you countering those bad habits and increasing the power of your exercises.

The key to seeing really quick results is to wear the right gear for your training.

You should take a look at the BioSweats Sauna Jacket for women which has been scientifically designed to work like a sauna on-the-go.

This will give you a real boost to your training routine as it is really comfortable to wear and will accelerate the process to eliminate water weight from your body.

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