SpaVerde Organic Bristle Body Brush – Anti-Cellulite Review

Did you know that organic body brushes are actually better for your skin?

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Today we’ll take a look into the SpaVerde Body Brush set so you can decide whether or not is what you need for your anti-cellulite treatments.

Dry brushing is a really popular technique to detox your body and improve the appearance of your skin.

A massage with natural bristles over your skin stimulates blood circulation and helps you to rejuvenate your skin. It is really common as a part of professional skin care routines.

Sometimes it is hard to find the right anti-cellulite body brush for you. It all really depends on the type of your skin.

Women with sensitive skin tend to do better with soft-bristle brushes while others enjoy more a relaxing massage with natural bristles.

One great thing about the SpaVerde body brush is that it comes with a wooden detachable handle.

This helps you to easily massage your whole body. This is something that many ladies overlook when looking for their perfect body brush. Being comfortable while massaging your body is really important to make a habit out of it.

Consistency with your skin care routine is going to give you pretty great results sooner than you would expect it.

However, you can also try the 20-second cellulite trick in case you are in a hurry to get a perfect pair of legs.

SpaVerde Natural Body Brush

The SpaVerde Organic Body Brush includes a set of two different brushes and the wooden handle that I mentioned before.

One of the brushes is to dry massage your whole body and the smaller one is perfect for facial skin care.

Remember that dry skin brushing is not an exclusive method to treat cellulite. It is also helpful to:

  • Detox your body.
  • Aid blood circulation.
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Reverse the aging process.
  • Relieve stress.

There are women who start trying dry body brushing with the SpaVerde Body Brush to take care of their skin.

After a few days, they fall in love with it as they notice all of its benefits. You will start doing it for fun!

You can improve your skin texture and collagen production by massaging your skin from 5 to 10 minutes a day after taking a shower.

Always use circular counter-clockwise motion as you massage your whole body. I suggest you start with areas difficult to reach so you do not miss them at the end of your routine.

Only apply enough pressure to feel comfortable with the massage. You can also complement your natural dry brushing routine with natural massage oil to get better results. It helps you to transform your regular massage into a relaxing aromatherapy session.

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