3 Main Causes of Cellulite in 2019 – Learn to Avoid Them

You might be dealing with these causes of cellulite without even knowing it. Actually, you might be making your problem worse as you read this article.

ali kerr cellulite routineThere are two important factors if you want to cut off the cellulite out of your life:

  1. You need to implement cellulite reduction remedies. Whether it is dry brushing, cellulite workout, creams, lotions, oil massages or wearing anti-cellulite clothing. You need to be doing one of these activities to get rid of the problem.
  2. Avoid everything that is causing your cellulite. If you stay away from the factors that are giving you those ‘cottage cheese legs’ then you will start seeing much better results.

You already know that cellulite issues are caused due to poor blood circulation and fat storage in your legs, thighs, and buttocks. Take a look at this list of the three most common habits that cause this kind of problem.

3 Habits You Should Avoid Immediately

Lifestyle changes from time to time. We don’t have the same daily routine than our parents or our grandparents used to have. Everything seems to move a little bit faster and stress is just raising up.

This is why the main habits that cause cellulite also change from time to time.

bad food causing cellulite1. Not Having Time for a Good Meal

We are always running from one place to another. It is way too convenient to get fast food during a lunch break.

Even if you order something healthy like a salad, you know that it does not have the nutritional value of real vegetables.

Dinner is usually the heaviest meal of the day for most people.

Because it is after we are done with the office that we have the time to treat ourselves right.

The problem is that when you eat something heavy hours before going to bed, all that fat and carbohydrates will be stored by your body. Just making worse the cellulite issue.

You can easily fix this by changing your biggest meal for breakfast. However, this does require some sacrifice as you would need to wake up a couple of minutes earlier every morning.

The phrase ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ is absolutely true. It allows your body to recharge with energy that you will spend during your whole day.

desk cycle for cellulite

2. A Sedentary Lifestyle

It is probably the most difficult cellulite-causing habit to break. In most cases, it is not that you spend your whole day in front of your TV screen.

It is your job that demands you to spend several hours sitting on a desk.

One way to fix this is to get one of those machines to exercise as you are sitting on a chair such as the DeskCycle. 

Remember to ask your manager if it is OK to use this kind of equipment in the workplace.

Check it out button

Another thing you can do is to set a timer on your phone every 20 minutes, you can use vibration mode if you want to. When the timer rings, just stand up and walk around for three minutes.

It might not seem such a big deal but it does add up at the end of the day. In an hour you would have walked 9 minutes and by the end of your workday, it will turn into 72 minutes!

That is more than an hour in just a handful of short breaks.

cellulite-workout3. Skipping Treatment Days

Maybe you were running late to the office and you forgot your daily dry brushing massage.

Perhaps you arrived at bed super tired and decided to just go to bed.

Or you had some friend over at home and you just forgot by the end of the day.

There are many excuses and situations that might distract you from following your anti-cellulite treatment as directed. But every day that you skip only makes the problem bigger and drives you away from reaching your goal.

Some women get frustrated when they buy an anti-cellulite body lotion and have not seen results in two months. Of course, it sounds terrible. But then you check at the bottle and it is still half-full.

It is critical that you set the goal to yourself to transform your body, get rid of the cellulite and finally obtain that beautiful pair of legs that you deserve.

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